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Give Special Effects To
Your Career

Become a VFX Specialist

iBtions Vfx Pro (250 hrs)

Create dramatic scenes and environments, make objects fly, inject superpower into humans and create effects by combing light, physics, sound and colours. Visual effects is today an essential to increase the realism and excitement of television shows, films, commercials and other projects. The course in VFX gives hands on training and knowledge to create high-end special effects.

Career Options

Matte Painting Artist

Paint Artist

Motion Graphics Artist

VFX Artist/ Editor

Rotomand cleanup Artist

Live action Compositor/Editor

Course Content

Fundamentals of VFX


Basic of Photography

Rotoscopy, Wire & rig removal

Motion Graphics

Particle Effects

Editing and VFX

Sound Editing

3D Camera Tracking and Camera Projection

3D Match Moving

Chroma removal/keying


Morphing & Warping

Color Correction

Working With Alpha Channel

Clean Plate Concept

Live Action Compositing


Adobe Photoshop TM

Autodesk 3D Max TM

Adobe After Effects TM

The Foundry Nuke TM

Real Flow TM

Mocha TM

PF Track TM