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"iBtions" Offers Industry Oriented Courses In

Game Design and Game Development

iBtions Certification in Game Development (580 hrs - 18 Months)

Gaming, worldwide is evolving and making its mark in various industries like entertainment to training & education, Advertising and other industries. From just being a cult among the youth, Games have penetrated into every household be it on handheld devices, online portals or televisions. India as a market for Gaming Industry has evolved from being a place where game development was outsourced to developing our own games with an emerging demand in India and overseas. Game production and design is fast emerging as an industry and we have engineers and technology enthusiasts aiming for careers in Gaming. iBtions Institute has very strategically designed a course that covers all facets of Game programming, game architecture, game designing, animation for games and backend control mechanisms.

Career Options

Game Developer

Game Designer

Game UI Developer

Course Content

History of Games

Concept of Games

Game designing pipeline

Intro to JS and HTML5

Unity Overview

Game UI Designing

Applying Physics

Audio Integration

Game Building for Various Platforms

Storyboarding & Animatics

Pre-Visualization of Level

Particle System


Sem 1

Adobe Dreamviewer TM

Basic of Unity TM

Sem 2

Advanced Knowledge of Unity

Game Architecture

Platform Specific

Sem 3


Sem 4

Studio Experience