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Development & Augmented Reality

iBtions Android Pro (360 hrs - 1 years 6 Months Traning+3 Months Project+3 Months Internship)

The mobile app industry is booming and companies are getting into b2b apps, b2c apps, service apps, product specific apps etc. to penetrate in the market and stay ahead of competition. The apps are also evolving day by day in terms of engagement, access to information and revenue generation. Take our comprehensive course on Mobile App Development. This course encompasses programming languages, app development platforms, UI designs etc. Plus we shall train you to create cutting edge enterprise apps, e-commerce apps, educational apps and utility mobile apps.

Career Options

Mobile Application Developer

Android Programmer

Mobile UI Designer

Course Content

C Programming

Introduction to C

Data Types


Decisions & Iterations

Arrays & Pointers

String Manuplations

Functions & Files

Storage Class Specifiers

Structure, Union & Enumerations

Memory Management

Command Line Arguements

Preprocessor & Header Files

Advanced Android with AR



Data Backup

Sending Email & SMS


XML & JSON Parser


Network Connection

Session Management

Social Media Integration

Call Web Service

Accessing Phone Calls, SMS and MMS

Augmented Reality

Coding Best Practice


Environment Variables

JVM Architecture

Datatypes, Variables, Keywords, Identifiers and Arrays

Operators and Expressions, Naming Conventions in Java

Control Line Arguements

Object and Class


Inheritance & Interfaces

Abstract Classes, Inner Classes

Access Specifiers, Access Modifiers

Packages & Collection Frame Work

Exception Handling & Multitasking

Input/Output Streams


AWT, Applets and Swings


Intro to Android

Java & SQL Concepts

Android Environment Setup

Application Structure

Android Components

UI Designing & Programming

Android Toast, Menu, Dialog, List and Adapters

Multimedia Programming

Data Storage and Database

Location Based Service and Google Maps

Push Notifications

Develop Custom Made Web Browser

Android Development Using other Tools

Testing and Debugging Android Application

Android App Deployment


Android Studio


Turbo C

Java JDK