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iBtions Max Pro (180 hrs)

Ever wanted to create a virtual world of your own, world full of action, where you create a story and characters, bring them to life & make them move as you wish; Yes, you have taken the first step to becoming an Animator. With the easy availability of computer animation, the increasing demand for animated entertainment the animation industry is one of the fastest growing industries. The demand for animated content and visual effects has expanded to various industries like entertainment, education, gaming, movies, and so has the target base expanded from children to teenagers and adults. The latest trend in this industry being bulk outsourcing of Animation and Special effects projects to Asia esp. India, there is huge potential for proficient Animators and VFX Specialists. With an aim to tap the increasing demand for talented professionals, iBtions Institute offers courses in Animation & VFX that are designed to create world class Animators and VFX Specialists.

Career Options

3D Designer/Visualizer

Lighting & Rendering Artist

3D Modelling & Texturing Artist

Rigging & Animation Artist


Adobe Photoshop TM

Adobe 3D Max TM

Adobe Premier TM